Mother Cyborg


I am Mother Cyborg


I care about the future of technology and all the ways in which it can shape relationships. The dance floor is where I heal and summon my community. I shape sound with my understandings of emotion and blend genres to understand the world around me. I am a 3souled hybrid being. Mother of the future and whisperer of machines. Hello, I am Mother Cyborg.




3souled Women

by Mother Cyborg

'3souled Women' is the first single from my début album 'Pressure Systems.' 

The name 3souled Women comes from this idea that each portion of a hybrid carries its own spirit/soul. 1 as a cyborg, 1 as a human, and 1 as the hybrid. A 3 souled women is a sort of a deity that walks many realms. It also alludes to the many things women have to be to navigate the world. 

'Pressure Systems' will be released 4/29/17. There will be a launch party in Detroit. For ticket/release notifications, subscribe atpklz.uk/sub and check 'Mother Cyborg.'


released February 18, 2017
Written, produced, performed & recorded by Mother Cyborg & Benbo at House of Cyborg, Detroit, Dark Studios, Hastings & Pink Lizard Towers, London. 
Published by Pink Lizard Music. 

Mixed by Marta Salogni at Strongroom Studios, London. 
Mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering, New York.